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Hello, I'm Mary!


When I was 9 years old, I attended my very first funeral. Obviously it was a sad time, but I was able to see so much more than just the tears. The gathering that took place mesmerized me. It started with having the very most important people in my life together in one location expressing raw emotion. I was in awe of the Funeral Director who calmly and peacefully orchestrated the services. From the visitation the day prior; to the day of the funeral, she was there to answer questions, organize the chaos, and make certain all of the grieving were attended to. I was drawn to the colors and aromas of the flower arrangements and my heartstrings were pulled while listening to the sweet melodies of the music. I was able to find a beauty and sense of peace in an emotional time. Although I can’t say at that moment that I wanted to be an event planner, I do feel like this played a huge role in the path was set for me to become the planner I am today.


I transplanted myself across the country from Massachusetts to California in 2000. Since that time, I have worked various positions in the wedding and event industry on the Central Coast. I have an extensive background in venue management, having worked at several prestigious local properties. I also offer catering consultation and coordination services to a multitude of business in San Luis Obispo County.


Joyfully Joined Events was established in 2012. I take pride in executing an event the exact way my clients envision it. When I’m not planning an event, you will find me on the sideline watching my son’s soccer games, taking a spin class, walking with friends, relaxing on the beach, attempting to surf, fully immersed in a good book, traveling on a cruise, or planning a vacation with my loving husband.

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