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“Every love story is unique….every wedding should reflect that story.”


This sentiment reflects Sandcastle Celebration’s business philosophy. Their weddings are personalized, detail oriented, and organized to ensure that you are relaxed and in the moment of your special day. In addition to providing excellent wedding coordination, Sandcastle Celebrations provides styling and design services to reflect a couple’s unique personality. Vendors are eager to collaborate with Janet due to her exceptional sense of style. Check out one of her style shoots published on Green Wedding Shoes.

Sandcastle Celebrations strives to bring sustainable practices to the wedding industry. We encourage our clients to hire local vendors. We have a preferred local vendor list that can accommodate different styles and budgets. These local vendors share a similar vision of sustainability. Further, we encourage waste reduction by repurposing and reusing decorative elements.


Janet Tacy, owner and lead designer of Sandcastle Celebrations, started her business in 2012 and has over 20 years’ experience in the wedding and service industry. For several years, Janet worked as a food server and banquet manager for large events. As well, she has designed and built custom signage and ceremony backdrops. Her abilities extend to floral design and creating styled vignettes.

Over the last five years, these experiences and an exceptional work ethic have helped Janet establish Sandcastle Celebrations as one of the most sought-after event and design companies on the central coast. By continually refining our craft, Sandcastle Celebrations possesses the ability to create beautiful and flawless events. We want our clients to enjoy their engagement and the entire planning process. With our services and expertise, planning and execution become seamless and you are able to relax and focus on all the things that matter on your wedding day.

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